OUR bags are made from fabric that is hand loomed by Trama Textiles , an artisan owned co-operative of women in Guatemala. With each bag you buy, you impact the lives of these women by allowing us to pay them a fair wage. Which allows them to educate their children. Which improves their community. Not bad, right?

But through your purchase, you’re also supporting the art form of backstrap loom weaving, illustrated here with photography by our friends Linda Bergonia and Logan Futej .


about a bag


THE women of Trama Textiles came together out of need: the need to support their families and communities after the devastation of Guatemala’s civil war. Faced with the disappearance of their husbands, grandfathers and sons, these women turned to the traditions of their grandmothers for inspiration.

Backstrap loom weaving is an art form that has been passed down through the generations for over 1500 years. Each pattern tells a different story, unique to the village or region from which it came, but universal in its ability to provide sustenance. It’s no accident that the word TRAMA is spanish for “the weft” or the thread that crosses the weaving, and binds it all together into cloth or that it’s also interchangeable with the word for food.

By buying our bags, you bind yourself to these women, their communities and their heritage while helping to support the ancient textile art of weaving. We think that’s pretty cool. Don’t you?



OUR scarves and wraps are hand woven by the women of the Kom al dabei cooperative which is located in the governorate of Qena in upper Egypt. The luxurious long-staple cotton, grown in Egypt, is woven on traditional looms in designs that date back to the time of the Pharos. In the past, the weavers would sit on the ground with their legs buried in the earth, but now, they sit on benches with the loom elevated. Change is coming in other ways to this country, as the news tells us everyday, but for an Egyptian family, a mother making a fair wage has the most important impact of all. The photos here by our friend Ed Ou let us share some of the WORKSHOP/CoOp family with you - something we'll be doing more of in the coming months.



By buying our scarves and wraps , you are aiding these women in their quest to improve their lives. To educate their children. And feed their families. All while supporting an ancient art form that has existed since the time of Cleopatra. How's that for a little girl power?


SINCE we're itching for you to meet our artisan collaborators at Trama Textiles and Kom al dabei, and learn more about their traditions of materials, fabrication and design, we'll be featuring their stories in the coming months both here and on our blog. So, STAY TUNED.